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Philip of Kentshire, Barony of Sun Dragons, Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA, Arizona


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Please feel free to E-Mail me about things Medieval and involving the world of traditional archery.

All ye who enter here, abandon hope

So, are you a member of any Medieval group? Do you live in a castle? Are your annoying relatives locked away in some obscure dungeon? Is there a moat around your house? Does challenging nosey people to a duel at sunrise with rapiers cheer you up as they shrink away from you in abject terror? Do you like to throw parties for all the people that bother you and everyone dresses up...including you with your wierd assortment of Italian jewelry with tiny hinged compartments that hold those...ah, er, 'special' condiments? Are your desserts something to 'die for'? Does the county Humane Society continually check on your strange pets only to find your 'murder' of crows unusually content and very well fed? Is your idea of 'going to church' gathering beneficial herbs for potions and having meaningful dialogues with your botanical 'relatives'? And, lastly, are your Saturday night card games with close friends exciting as everyone draws nigh to see who gets the 'Hanged Man'? Then, I would probably love to hear from you! :-)
Blessed Be.....

Not all damsels are in distress

What?  Sit around in an undershirt watching TV sports with a beer?  On Guard!  You insipient lout!  :-D

The red and the gold

HOOO_yah!!!  If you don't have a bow, drop and give me 25!!!

Republic of Viet Nam

Marine Air Control Squadron 4,  1st MAW, USMC   DaNang, RVN 4/69-10/70

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Philip of Kentshire, Barony of Sun Dragons, Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA, Arizona